Your committee recently had a meeting via zoom to discuss and plan for our session 2020-2021

Below are extracts from the meeting, listing ideas and suggestions.


The meeting started with a general discussion on the possible format for the club for season 2020-21 given the impact and implications of Covid19.

The consensus was that we should proceed on the assumption that the first half of the season i.e. up until Christmas should consist of virtual meetings using Zoom. There was some debate about whether these meetings should be held weekly or fortnightly.

It was agreed that, in the first instance we should try and plan for a weekly programme. This could start on the first Tuesday in October i.e the 6th .

We would hope to resume normal club meetings in the Community Centre from January to March 2021.

It was suggested we collate all ideas from the committee (and indeed all members) and then on the basis of 7 or 8 suggestions plus 2 competitions/ 2 presenters this might cover 10- 12 evenings.

The first evening could involve Peter Stevenson of Jessops who was due to judge the Annual competition. Peter will be contacted to establish whether he would be happy to proceed with this. Arrangements for the return of prints will also need to be put in place.
It was suggested approaching speakers for virtual presentations.

Internal competitions may also be possible. Themes will need to be communicated to the members.

Some suggestions included photographing small objects from an unusual angle. This could involve macro photography but would not be mandatory given the range of kit and expertise of the members.

One idea was we encourage members to build a small lockdown portfolio which could include images such as:- the view from my window, spring flowers, views taken of daily walk/exercise . This would be in place of the holiday images evening which has been held in previous seasons.

The desire to re-establish a link with young people in some form or other. This could involve inviting them to a Field trip and/or holding a basic photography tutorial. The latter would probably need to be held next year in the community centre.

The notion of some kind of informal chat room event for members to have photographic queries answered might be another possibility. Chris suggested a video on a given photographical topic e.g. photo editing software, macro photography which would then provide a focus for a discussion forum. However it could be difficult to manage with 16 or so people with a few tending to dominate the conversation.