Club Awards


Audio Visual (AV) Trophy


One AV competition is held each season. The AV trophy shall be awarded to the winner of that competition.


Annual Competition Trophy (Prints)


The winner of the annual print competition shall be awarded the trophy.


Annual Competition Trophy (Digital Projected Image)


The winner of the annual DPI competition shall be awarded the trophy.


Individual Club Competition Trophies – Print and DPI


Trophies shall be awarded to the winners of each club print and DPI competition.


Overall Club Competition Winners (Print and DPI)


Points are awarded to all images entered in Club competitions. The highest scoring image will be judged the winner of that competition (see above). For the overall club winners award the following will apply:-


1.     The best two scores from each competition entered (print and DPI) shall be totalled.

2.     The best four competition totals shall be totalled.

3.     The member with the highest total will receive the award.

4.     In the event of a tie the 3rd best scores in the best four competitions shall be included.


The AV competition and the black and white section of the SPF entry competition shall not be part of this award.


Trophy Return


All trophies shall be returned to a club officer before subsequent re-award.




Images shall be exclusively the work of the author.


Digitally manipulated and composite images are acceptable subject to the above.


Printing and mounting may be carried out by commercial organisations.


Digital entries


Digital images may be colour or black and white (or “monochrome”) unless the competition specifies one or other.

Size:- Max 1600 x 1200 pixels (LxH)

Format:- JPEG

Colour Space:- sRGB

Titling:- Part of file name e.g. blackcat.jpg

Authors name must not be accessible/readable on the file or image.

Files should be handed in using a usb memory stick labelled with the authors name. Other means e.g. cd/dvd or email may be used at the discretion of the competition secretary. Difficulty in reading the files will be reported to the author as soon as possible.


Copies of digital images will be stored by the Competition Secretary and may be displayed on the club website, The author has the right to refuse permission to display his/her own images on the website.

The club should not send digital copies of competition prints to external judges (excluding SPF Portfolio Judges and the G P Simpson host club).


Print entries


Prints may be colour or black and white (or “monochrome”) unless the competition specifies one or other.

Size:- Print must fit on maximum 50 x 40 cm mount. Smaller mount sizes are perfectly acceptable. Some external competitions will not accept the slightly larger traditional 20 x 16 inch format so best keep to 50 x 40 cm max. Mount thickness should be <3mm. This complies with external organisations (e.g. SPF, PAGB) requirements to fit in their display frames.

Titling:- To be displayed on back of print mount on top left hand corner. Title and authors competition number (found on membership card) only. Authors name must not be visible on the entry.


Digital images of the prints shall be included with print entries and may be displayed on the club website. It is recommended that low res jpeg files are emailed to the competition secretary at a resolution of 800 x 600 or thereabouts with medium compression. Alternatively the author can hand in a usb memory stick, cd or dvd with the images when the prints are handed in. The author has the right to refuse permission to display his/her own images on the website, but prints will not be accepted for a competition without a digital copy. 

Members should no longer have to include their membership number on the print when entering competitions.

Audio Visual (AV) Entries


Maximum length of each entry 5 minutes.


AV presentations should be in the form of .exe files to run on Windows. Other file types may be acceptable but it is the authors responsibility to ensure the club laptop can play the AV file. It may be possible, by arrangement, for the projectionist to check the suitability of the file before the competition. The projectionist will inform the author of any problems as soon as possible.

Note:- Hand in to projectionist by deadline date – not competition secretary.


Hand in deadlines for competition entries


Deadlines for handing in competition entries are given in the syllabus and individual competition rules. These may be extended or changed, or on request, at the discretion of the competition secretary.



Competition Rules for the “themed” Competition 2015-16

Each entry shall:
1) Be on the theme of the author’s choice.
2) Be presented / mounted on a board no larger than A1(594 x 841mm).
3) Contain no image used in previous competitions
4) Have the theme stated on the reverse side.
Entries may:
1) Contain any number of images.
2) Contain additional non-photographic artwork and text.
3) Include or have attached a written introduction to the theme
Entries will be judged on:
1) How well the photographic images evoke/illuminate the declared theme
2) The method of presentation i.e. the arrangement of the images.
3) How well the presentation has been executed i.e. the quality of the images, mounting, the integration of the artwork & text.