The pandemic has had a major impact on the club in terms of how we deliver the programme. Last season we utilised Zoom with some degree of success. When the committee initially met in April to plan for this season, we had anticipated a return to some kind of normality by October. Unfortunately, it has not quite worked out that way. The pandemic is still with us. The committee has had to rethink how we can organise club events to best advantage.

We have liaised with Skelmorlie Community Centre to get the latest guidelines in the use of the upper hall. We have also taken into account the advice of government, local and national. Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our members. 

The position at the time of writing is as follows, 

The 1 metre rule in the upper hall no longer applies. The maximum number of attendees was, up until very recently, 12 people. There is now no limit on the number. It has been left to individual clubs to decide safety arrangements for their members. 

The committee has decided on the following: 
We will try (initially at least) to adopt a hybrid system of delivering our programme i.e. members have the option to attend physically or remotely via Zoom. We encourage all members, intending to attend on a given Tuesday, to test for Covid on that day (lateral flow tests are available free through the NHS at Get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS ( and will arrive 24 hours after request). We also encourage attending members to wear a face mask for the duration of the meeting.
Although we will not be providing the usual half time refreshments, members can bring with them their own drink/snack if they so wish. The speaker/s will be allowed to remove their mask when giving their presentation. There is an organisation meeting prior to SCC and the caretaker has asked our club not to arrive before 7.15 pm , this will allow him to carry out the necessary cleaning and rearranging of the seating. Clearly this is not ideal and will obviously impact on the overall enjoyment of the evening. This is the reality of the world we are living in at the moment. 

This model of delivering our programme has its challenges and is in fact considerably more difficult than a Zoom only model. Our technical team has tested webcams/microphones at the community centre to try to find the optimal way of utilizing the Zoom technology. We hope that members will appreciate the reasons behind these necessary restrictions and will continue to support the club throughout the season.